Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Until a few days ago, Fantasy Bob did not know that chillaxing was possible. It is a term apparently of some currency among Carlton's junior members.  FB is uncertain exactly what it means, if indeed it means anything.  But he gathers from various media reports that it is a hobby undertaken by the present Prime Minister of the UK.  These reports suggest that when it comes to chillaxing, the PM is Test Match Quality. His special chillaxing skill set involves playing a game on the Prime Ministerial I-Pad in which falling pieces of fruit are sliced.  The PM is said to spend hour upon hour engaged in this activity.  FB is glad to note that he does something useful with his time.

Now Mr Cameron's cabinet colleague Ken Clarke is also claiming to be a master of chillaxing as photographs appeared in the Press of him taking his ease at Trent Bridge as the second test came to a conclusion. But FB knows better.  This is not chillaxing as Carlton's junior members would understand it.   it is a far more serious condition.  FB has seen it before.  This is what happens when a new reader encounters Fantasy Bob's blog for the first time.

Clarke on reading Fantasy Bob


  1. Methinks FB is being a little hard on himself here. Ken was obviously recovering from a late night session at Ronnie Scott's and the sight of yet more pothole repairs holding up play was too much to bear.

  2. The word 'chillaxing' has its origins in India, although this ascertion is open to futile challenges

    1. One for the 3rd umpire then.

    2. that's a good start, however I would urge DRS