Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Queues at Heathrow?
FB discovers the real reason
Fantasy Bob has noticed that there has been political controversy about the length of queues at Heathrow Airport. The authorities have claimed that the weather has been responsible. Presumably all those stuck in the queues were not actually trying to enter the country but had just come in out of the rain.  FB is sceptical and thinks there must be another reason.

Histrionic commentators are beside themselves with anxiety that if it’s like this now, then what is it going to be like when all the Olympic athletes and their baggage and their acolytes arrive later in the summer? FB thought that there must be more than meets the eye.  It could be part of the master plan to improve Team GB’s medal chances. If Usain Bolt is stuck at Heathrow, then we could be good for gold.

FB wondered why the authorities weren't being applauded instead of being subjected to all the moaning that is going on.  He was on the point of joining the voices demanding a fuller inquiry so that proper credit could be given, when he identified the real reason for the extreme pressure on immigration services. 

 The England and Wales Cricket Board announced this week changes to its eligibility criteria whereby cricketers over 18 will now face a 7 year qualification period before being eligible for selection for England.  The immigration officials should have been on red alert, but they weren't.  A tidal wave of South African 16 and 17 year cricketers descended on Heathrow in a frantic effort to meet the cut off date.  The system just couldn't cope.

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