Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Match Report

Fantasy Bob is alternatively too modest or too ashamed to refer in his Witterings to his own activities on the cricket field.  Those of his world wide readership who are interested in such matters know to look on the website of go ahead Edinburgh cricket club Carlton and scan the doings of the All Star 4th XI.  The sensible majority ignore this opportunity completely and get on with their busy lives.

FB breaks a rule of his blog by inviting his worldwide readership to view the report of yesterday's match (5 May 2012).  It can be found on this link.  It was a remarkable game with a remarkable denouement. A shame one team had to lose and all that.................... Readers with  busy lives may wish to ignore the first half of the match report, which is a load of FB's usual tosh, and cut to the dramatic action towards the end.  It is a pity that the paparazzi who make FB's life a constant challenge chose yesterday to be elsewhere so there is no photographic record of these deeds.  But poets will long sing of them.

'Aren't our policemen getting younger,' is no less true for being a cliche.  'Aren't our cricketers getting younger' must now join it in everyday linguistic use.

FB would like to pay tribute to yesterday's opponents from Holy Cross CC.  Their youth development policy is not quite so advanced as Carlton's although there were signs of progress yesterday in that they claimed to have 2 players under 40 in the XI.

But it is a great tribute to cricket that it can stimulate a group of senior members of the community to come together for the game year after year week in week out, and play with such youthful love and enthusiasm for the game. He knows that many of them are, misguidedly, among the more faithful of his worldwide readership of 3.  Despite their hopes, he cannot make any jokes at their expense.  Long may they continue and demonstrate how cricket, above all games, brings the generations together in a common enterprise.  Would there were more of this in these challenging times.


  1. That's a terrific read FB.

    I note though that your place in the line up is now solely reliant on being able to call "heads" or flick a coin in the air without it taking somebody's eye out.

    Once the Carlton youngsters realise this I reckon you might just get chased around Grange Loan in Lord of the Flies fashion ....

    Alternatively there's always Carlton 5s?

    1. Many thanks. As he has remarked before, FB has practised tossing specifically for these circumstances. He is confident that this skill will ensure that the juniors will always hold him in the highest respect.