Monday, 7 November 2011

Poster Failure Shock

Fantasy Bob's worldwide readership of 3 will know that when the word rant appears on this blog, reference to the Olympics is unlikely to be far behind.  He is sorry to bring up the subject of the London Olympics again.  He is also sorry to bring up the subject of art in that context again.

Here is a small rant.  FB is generally beyond outrage about the synchronised money wasting event that is the Olympics.  But now he is reduced to doleful sadness at the quality of the posters presented recently as the basis for promotion of the games.  If this is the best that the cream of British Art can do, we have fallen far down the medal table.

Here are 2 examples, which can only give rise to the comment a primary school child could have done better.

Truly dreadful.

In these days of austerity, a little recycling might have been appropriate.  Here is pre-used image that seems to convey the idea of place and sporting excellence in a way that the chosen images don't quite.  It would have done perfectly well and the money saved could usefully have coached a few kids inn their chosen sports.

Bring on the primary children.

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