Monday, 21 November 2011


The residents of Edinburgh are customarily a tolerant and douce group.  However there is seething outrage in the streets of the Old Town and the New Town alike.  The phrase 'How dare they?' has never crossed so many lips at the same time in all the annals of recorded history.
Has there been ball tampering in the City Council?  Have senior figures in the financial sector been found to have nicked it and failed to walk?  Has the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland been called as a chucker?  What has enraged the citizenry so?  For once it is not the tram project. This is something worse.

The planning authorities have received a proposal which, if accepted, would mean that one of Scotland's, indeed the world's, most iconic buildings would be disfigured.   Lord Seb Coe has asked that the global HQ of go-ahead Edinburgh cricket club Carlton should be embellished with the Olympic rings during 2012.

Artist's impression of the iconic location
with target practice in progress
Fantasy Bob understands that the authorities are considering the proposal.  A spokesman for the club told Fantasy Bob that the first the club heard of it was when they saw it on TV.  He went on to add that despite teh uncertainties caused by the recent restructuring of the cricket competitions in Scotland, he did not think that Carlton had entered the Olympics.

Cricketers need no reminding that not only is cricket not a feature of the 2012 spendfest, but that of the estimated cost of over £9bn for the event, the legacy amount being contributed to sport in Scotland is 0.

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