Thursday, 3 November 2011

Occupy CC

Net practice session
St Paul's CC is in a spot of bother.

Players from the itinerant weekend side Occupy CC were at first welcomed into the old club's ground and allowed to set up nets and other facilities.  However their extended net practice is causing their hosts difficulties.  Visitors at first found it difficult to get past the players to gain entry into the splendid Pavilion, designed by Christopher Wren.   There seems little prospect OCC players moving on as they have no further fixtures in their card for this season.  They are looking for a place to keep their kit.

The right reverend skipper of St Paul's CC tendered their resignation last week following concerns that the City of London Cricket Association were putting undue pressure on St Paul's to ensure that their facilities remain available for league fixtures.  They have suggested that unless Occupy CC move on, the heavy roller may have to be deployed by members of the Met CC.   St Paul's CC doughty but holy groundsman has challenged whether the heavy roller is appropriate to the ground conditions and might just make a mess of the square.  When the Met CC suggested the scarifier would be a better option, the doughty but holy groundsman felt he too had no option but to resign. 

His Grace the stand-in skipper of St Paul's CC is considering what options are available. He has commented that his players are desperate for some time in the middle but if he can't get the covers on soon 'God help the wicket for batting on next season.'

A spokesman for Occupy CC said that through their extended net practice session they are drawing attention to the obscene practices of spot fixing and spread betting as condoned and encouraged by the City of London Cricket Association.  They say these practices are ruining the game.  They allege that batsmen in the City have greedily hogged the strike and the impact of these practices has led to many of OCC's players being unable to get a regular game.   Occupy CC expect to be available for fixtures most weekends in the coming season.

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