Friday, 29 April 2011

A royal souvenir

Fantasy Bob wishes any young people anywhere in the world getting married today every happiness together.

FB has previously lamented the snub to cricket and cricket lovers represented by the event of the day - neither he nor any eminent cricketer is among the assembled company at Westminster Abbey.  Cricket lovers feel further left out in cold when they scrutinise the vast array of memorabilia that has been crated to mark the day. In among the mugs and tea-towels, paperweights and biscuit tins and all that other valueless rubbish, the cricketer's needs have been scandalously ignored.  But help is at hand, for FB has come up with this exclusive design.  A must for cricketers of all abilities.

The Wills and Kate batting pads.  What every loyal cricketer should be wearing this season.  Priceless.

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