Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The feckers

on hearing of the ICC decision
In a moment's quiet reflection for which he is so renowned, celebrated thinker Wayne Rooney explained to Fantasy Bob the real reason behind his foul mouthed outburst to the cameras during Saturday's West Ham Manchester United match.

'I'd just heard about the decision of the ICC about the 2015 World Cup.'  he said. 'I couldn't believe it.  In football we know all about being self interested money grubbing and acting with lack of vision.  We spend lots of time on the training ground perfecting these skills. But the ICC decision makes us look like saints.  No associates? I just had to let them know how I felt.' 

(In the interests of the tender minded among his readers, FB has removed some of the stronger terms from Wayne's analysis including regular comparisons to parts of female and male anatomy.  He trusts the sense of Wayne's strongly held views remains.)

It is not often FB agrees with Rooney but he is on the ball here. FB has set out in previous posts his own views about the shortsightedness of the ICC's decision.  He won't repeat those points except to note again that as a world governing body the organisation has a responsibility to look to the widening of the game and strengthening of its roots.  He understands the Irish Cricket authorities are taking legal advice.  Let's hope they are successful - but it is a scandal that they feel they have to spend money in this way instead of developing the game.
The 2015 logo - cricketers with feet are
 excluded along with associates

In this new format, in which all the haves will play all the other haves, the overall competition will be shorter.  Not a bad thing many will think given the eternity of the competition just finished. How much shorter?..........er, well, the 2011 competition had 49 matches, the 2015 will have 48.

FB understands that the ICC have now achieved one of their strategic objectives - to become the most hated organisation in the world.  In doing so they have overtaken RyanAir,  BT OpenReach and the British National Party.  So well done them.


  1. Without wishing to descend into hyperbole ... the ICC's decision is possibly the most spineless, self-serving, craven, ignorant and disgusting decision in the history of sport.

    It makes you despair for cricket, to think that its future lies in the hands of men such as these.

  2. Hard to see why they have changed the format - it seemed to work quite successfully this time and, as you point out, the new competition will be no shorter. My own feeling is that there is far too much one day cricket anyway, but since the Packer revolution we seem to be stuck with it.

  3. Groupie - FB finds your hyperbole remarkably restrained. Please try harder.

    Silly point - yes too much meaningless ODI between Test nations - some of that time should be given to matches with the associates - it is the only way to raise standards world wide.