Tuesday, 23 July 2013


The casting agency at go ahead Edinburgh cricket club Carlton have been inundated with enquiries following the news that a new movie is for the first time to feature the two superheroes Batman and Superman together.

No details have emerged about either the plot of the film or who will take the leading roles.  This has led to intense speculation that the way might be clear for Fantasy Bob to get his underpants outside his tights in one of the starring roles.

A spokesperson for the club acknowledged that they had been unaware of Fantasy Bob's super powers - indeed they were unaware that he had any powers at all.  Things changed however following the publication of a photo sequence taken by the paparazzi that follow celebrities such as FB at every step.

The sequence shows FB's superhuman ability to fly like Superman and clutch speeding missiles from the air thus rendering the world safe from harm.

The spokesperson went on to add, 'Batman and Superman may have had their day - the world is surely ready for a new hero whose superpowers derive from the consumption of empire biscuits.  FB would seem a natural for the role.  He is almost as old as the planet Krypton after all.'

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  No it's unbelievable..................
Junior cricketers, and superheroes, are advised not to try to emulate FB's super human feats at home without a safety net.


  1. How can there be no comments? This is a fabulous set of images showing a n=man at the peak of his p[owers - shame he may have peaked too late

    1. FB assumes that any would be commenters are overcome with admiration and wonder.