Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Tenner

Fantasy Bob is certain that cricketers the world over will be dancing in the street at the news that Jane Austen will be portrayed on the Bank of England £10.

The news follows widespread concern that the decision to replace Elizabeth Fry on the £5 note meant that there would be no females represented on bank notes (other than the Queen). Not only that but there would be no cricketers either.
Charles Burgess Fry
Capped by England at both cricket and football,
played in the
F.A. Cup Final for Southampton F.C.
and held the world record for the 
long jump

Cricketers had to contain their disappointment in 2002 when Fry first appeared on the note. They had been expecting the face of the great C B Fry, reputedly England's greatest sportsman ever, but had to make do with the Quaker prison and social reformer who appeared not to be related in any way.  Nor did she seem to have any connection with cricket.

At first sight the choice of Jane Austen would not seem to be any improvement on this position and the shabby oversight of cricket on bank notes.  However as FB's worldwide readership of 3 will recall FB's researches have unearthed previously unregarded material which shows beyond any doubt that the great authoress had a great interest in cricket and attempted to feature it in her works on at at least one occasion.

The following links will take new readers to these important findings.

A previously unpublished draft of a major work.

Some research on her sources and inspiration.

In the meantime FB is quietly confident that in due course he himself will feature on the bank notes of one or all of the Scottish banks.


  1. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a lower-league cricketer in need of an ego boost requires his image to be engraved on a banknote :-)

    1. Sounds familiar - did you make that up all by yourself?

  2. Yes, all my own work - from a little read novel years back entitled I left My Bat in Khartoum.