Sunday, 5 February 2012

Self Destruction 2

Fantasy Bob would like to apologise to all supporters of the Scottish Rugby team the undue influence he exerts on the team.

Unknown to him, the team obviously numbers itself among FB's worldwide readership of 3.  As such they took closely to heart the subject of yesterday's post on this blog - self-destruction.  FB's innocent intention was to make light commentary on the English cricket team's batting struggles in the UAE.  Regrettably the Scottish rugby team took the posting as an instruction and at Murrayfield yesterday delivered the Calcutta Cup match to a poor an uninspiring English team in a fashion that leaves even FB's extensive vocabulary bereft of the appropriate description.

While he's on the subject,  FB also noted that England's bowling effort imploded too.

FB promises Andy Robinson and Andy Flower to choose the subjects of his posts more carefully in future.

FB to blame
FB to blame

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