Friday, 10 February 2012


Bent arm suspicion
Fearing further uncontrollable hysteria in the English press, the ICC have been quick to issue a statement clearing the bowling action of Saeed Redknapp.  

They have said that a court case earlier this week had established that Saeed's action is well within the ICC range of tolerance.  The case followed allegations that Saeed had sought to hide 189,000 deliveries from the umpiring authorities during the recent Test series.

The ICC have stated that while Saeed does bowl with a bend in his arm, it does not straighten at the point of delivery more than about eight degrees on average. There is no relation between this action and the presence of bank accounts in Monaco.  There had been confusion when Saeed referred to a 23.5 degree angle in an interview this week but this is now thought to refer either to the average angle of his wallet as it leaves his pocket - or the temperature in Abu Dhabi.

The ICC's statement leaves Redknapp free to prepare for the forthcoming ODI series with England.  Meanwhile Harry Ajmal has emerged as a favourite for the suddenly vacant England football manager's post.  In a radical innovation he will be selected for the post through acclamation on Twitter.

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