Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Would she recognise Fantasy Bob?
It looks like it's Adele's year.

Fantasy Bob has little idea who Adele is, or what club she plays for.  He is unsure as to her bowling action.  If she came and sat down beside him on the bus, there is as much chance of her recognising FB as of FB recognising her.  More, probably.

But FB does not wish to demean her achievements.  He understands that Adele has dominated this year's Grammy and Brit awards, sweeping up armfuls of trophies just like FB at the end of the season.  Good for her.

It looks like it is Adele's year alright, for FB can share with his worldwide readership his exclusive access to the winners of the forthcoming prestigious ICC awards:
  • Cricketer of the Year: Adele
  • Test player of the year: Adele 
  • ODI player of the year: Adele
  • ICC Emerging player of the year: Adele
  • Best T20 performance of the year: Adele
  • Spirit of Cricket award: Adele
  • ICC Associate player of the year: Adele
  • Umpire of the year: Adele
  • Women's Cricketer of the Year: Stuart Broad

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