Friday, 3 February 2012

Bell's Tummy

Can the Bopara vaccine work?
The run up to the Third Test between Pakistan and England has been dominated by medical issues.  Experts have been divided on whether  the existence of a new medical condition has been firmly established.

Some doctors consider that the condition dubbed Bell's Tummy is new to medical science.  The symptoms include acute agitation of the ajmals and stiffness in the doosras.  Excessive sweating of the teesras and visual impairment, in which red spherical objects are rendered invisible, have also been reported as associated with the sudden onset of the condition.  It is followed by media declarations of feeling sick and vomiting may take place privately.

Other experts were suggesting that this condition is simply a more virulent version of the previously identified syndrome Trott's Trottitis, in which a patient's rehmans suffer temporary spasm.  Other experts contend that the condition may also be related to Morgan's Organs, hitherto seen as a psychosomatic condition in which all hope is lost.

There are fears that this condition could lead to an epidemic risking a mass outbreak of whitewash.  Scientists have therefore been working  hard to identify a vaccine and some have suggested that a course of Boparas could be the most efficacious way of avoiding any permanent effects.


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