Thursday, 8 August 2013


After a series of controversial decisions in the continuing Ashes series, HotSpot, and the whole DRS system, remain under critical examination. 

Further controversy erupted today when Fantasy Bob vehemently denied that he has doctored the edges of his bat to escape detection by HotSpot technology.

In a carefully worded statement on his behalf, a spokesperson from the go ahead Edinburgh cricket club said,

Has this bat been treated with empire biscuits?
‘Frankly the edges of FB’s bat are the most used parts of it – indeed they are probably the only used parts of it.  They need all the help they can get to survive.  Long before the advent of HotSpot, FB began to treat the edges with empire biscuits. He forgets why, but any contact with empire biscuits gets him going. It is not his fault if HotSpot cannot detect empire biscuits.’

Fantasy Bob also denied that any red marks seen near the middle of his bat had painted on by hand in an attempt to fool opposition fielders as to his ability.  The spokeperson said,
‘This would be pointless. As soon as he faces just one ball any observer could see that any marks on the middle of his bat had nothing to do with FB.’


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