Monday, 19 August 2013

Commonwealth Games

Cricketers have long swallowed their disappointment that the game will not feature in the Commonwealth Games being held in Glasgow next year.  It is not as if cricket is a game associated with Commonwealth countries and former British colonies after all.

But their disappointment has turned to mystification with the launch last week of the Commonwealth Games bat cone.  Specially designed and created by Scottish craftsmen the bat cone will be used to change cricket bat grips as it is carried by cricketers through the Commonwealth on its way to Glasgow.  But once it gets to Glasgow it will have no use, for cricket is not among the sports being contested.

FB is at a loss to explain this but he welcomes the fancy bat cone.  For the bat cone is one of the more perplexing pieces of equipment a cricketer can encounter.  Over the course of his career FB has spent many long and frustrating hours wrestling with it to get his new grip the right way up and the right side out.  A task which requires the patience of Job, the strength of Superman and the spatial reasoning of Einstein.  FB is sadly lacking by comparison with all these icons.  He therefore trusts this new design will make things easier for the grip-less cricketer.

However the truth is that the Commonwealth Games people may have gone to unnecessary expense.  For bat cones are redundant.  Too late in his career has FB discovered that here is a simpler method to get a grip onto a bat, as seen on this link.  It can be accomplished by using nothing more complicated than an everyday plastic bag.

Surely it is not too late for the Commonwealth Games people to commission a special plastic bag in honour of their event and which could be made use of by cricketers across the Commonwealth.

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