Tuesday, 17 April 2012


For many years of his student and subsequent life, Fantasy Bob practised psychology. When he says practice, he means it roughly in the same sense that he practices batting and bowling. That is without any expectation that it will lead to any useful practical outcome, far less any kind of gainful employment. Rather, as with cricket practice, it seemed the best thing to do at the time.

So FB notes with interest that the British Psychological Society holds its Annual Conference this week. On its programme is a session on the psychology of conspiracy theories. Professor Chris French of the University of London, who will lead the session, is quoted in the programme as saying, "Conspiracy theories are attractive because they provide some kind of explanation for what's going on in the world around you, especially if you feel marginalised. And we seem to have a bias that big events need big causes."

FB is at one with Professor French.  This is an important subject for cricketers, for whom all events are seen to have big causes.

For many years the most compelling overarching conspiracy theory has been New World Order theory, which states that a group of international elites controls and manipulates governments, industry, and media organizations worldwide. They are said to have funded and in some cases caused most of the major wars of the last 200 years, they carry out false flag attacks to manipulate populations into supporting them, and deliberately cause inflation and economic depressions.

Hitherto the people behind the New World Order are thought to be international bankers, in particular the owners of the private banks in the Federal Reserve System who control organisations such as the European Union, United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the proposed North American Union.  Operatives working for the New World Order are said to be placed in high positions in government and industry.

Cricketers may once have been sceptical of this theory, but they now know that this is only part of the truth. The reality is far more sinister. For behind these shadowy figures is a set of even more shadowy figures who are exerting supreme power and influence over all that cricketers hold dear. It is now clear that this organisation is responsible for
  • The assassination of President John F Kennedy
  • Faking the Apollo Moon landings
  • The car crash that killed Princess Diana 
  • The 9/11 attacks
  • The viral spread of T20 throughout the cricket world
Previous clues can no longer be ignored.  There is only one organisation powerful enough to bring all this about. FB is sure that this week's conference will finally lead to the unveiling of this organisation which has hitherto been referred to as the BCCI.  For big events need big causes.

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