Friday, 6 April 2012

Zefiro Torna

Fantasy Bob and Mrs FB are on a spring tour to Madrid.  Before leaving he left a few balls in the bowling machine with a spring theme.

Monteverdi - guitar man
What song is more spring like than Monteverdi's Zefiro Torna? Its bouncy rhythm and freshness are just what cricketers need to limber them up as they move to outdoor practice.

Composed in 1632 the madrigal is scored for two voices and continuo, most of the piece is in the form of a ciaccona or passacaglia, which uses a constantly recurring bass line.  FB reads that this is the first known example of a vocal duet that uses a ciaccona accompaniment. It is therefore a model for all modern hits involving Beyonce, Rihanna and various partners.

The poem which Monteverdi sets welcomes the return of the warm west wind as the harbinger of Spring:
Return O Zephyr, and with gentle motion
Make pleasant the air and scatter the grasses in waves
And murmuring among the green branches
Make the flowers in the field dance to your sweet sound
The warm west wind may be unknown in Edinburgh, but nevertheless FB commends this joyous song to all cricketers.  Get out and practice.

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