Friday, 7 October 2011

The search for sponsors

The search for sponsorship is a challenge that all clubs face.  Fantasy Bob has mentioned on these pages before how the go ahead Edinburgh cricket club Carlton with which he is associated has delivered a record haul of silverware into the trophy cabinet this year.  A haul of Manchester United proportions.

And just like Manchester United the Carlton shirt which adorns FB's chest is going to be a hot commercial property.  The club has enjoyed many positive relations with sponsors over the years, none more so than with Citylets whose name has decorated the playing kit for the past few seasons. 

However Fantasy Bob's vast commercial network tells him that silverware had caused the intense interest in the City.  The financial press is throbbing with rumours that there are competing interests beating a path to the club's door.  FB's chest is a hot property - a marketing man's dream.   Not quite equivalent to Liz Hurley's chest, but getting near.

Negotiations are at a sensitive stage but here is an artist's impression of the new shirt that FB could be modelling next season.

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