Friday, 15 November 2013

Come on Scotland

Cricketers may be forgiven for thinking that there is only one issue of cricketing interest happening in the world this week - the final Test match of Sachin Tendulkar.  Or they might think that the issue of whether England's bowling attack is really as toothless as it has seemed in the warm up matches before the Ashes get underway next week. Surely these are is enough for the average cricket fan to ponder over as the nights draw in.
Scotland's skipper Kyle Coetzer
with skippers from the other teams
in Scotland's qualifying group

But for cricketers in 16 countries across the world Tendulkar's swansong and Stuart Broad's search for form are of no consequence.  For there is important business getting underway today in the UAE as these 16 nations go in search of a place in next year's World T20.  Six places are available and will be decided over 72 matches in the next 16 days.

Among the 16 hopefuls is Scotland who on rankings should be among the 6 left standing at the end of the competition.  They kick off their campaign today against Bermuda - a battle royal between kilts and highly coloured shorts. On paper Scotland should come out on top - but being favourites on paper is, as every Scottish supporter of knows, usually Scotland's weakest position.   Form has been patchy and the team will have to put a disappointing summer behind them and deliver their best.  They will have the benefit of Paul Collingwood's experience as part of the coaching staff.  A very welcome addition in Fantasy Bob's view - he has long been an admirer of the Durham player who was formerly England's T20 skipper.

Seeing Collingwood in the Scotland set up confirms FB's long held view that the Scottish border should properly be drawn just south of Newcastle. FB is sure that the erroneous position of the present border is attributable to Hadrian who was just a bit careless in marking the map where he fancied his wall..........
A wall in the wrong place?

But this is all a bit of a distraction from the task at hand.  FB wishes Scotland's cricketers the best of luck over the next 16 days and looks forward to them securing a top 6 spot.

Come on Scotland!

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