Monday, 2 September 2013

End of Season Review

At the end of the season, the statistics obsessive that is inside every cricketer blossoms.  For what other way is there of understanding the success of the season than by close and careful scrutiny of what the score books reveal.

The memory of the warm June sun on his face; the lingering feel of that cover drive in July which whispered off the bat but slammed into the fence; the recall of that booming in swinger that took the top of middle stump are all very well.  But it is the numbers which tell the truth.  So here are the numbers which define Fantasy Bob's season.

Number of runs scored off middle of bat -2

Number of runs scored off edges -196

Number of ducks - 2

Number of scores over 50 - 1

Number of wickets taken - 20

Number of stonewall LBW appeals turned down for incomprehensible reasons - 57

Number of catches taken - 2

Number of catches completely missed due to failure to perceive ball as anywhere in the vicinity - 18

Number of injuries (real) - 0

Number of injuries (imagined) - 117

Number of 3s run - a number seeming to approach infinity

Number of times emergency services called at end of third run - 0

Number of empire biscuits consumed - 259

Number of pieces of kit lost or otherwise requiring replacement - 0

Number of junior members left behind at away fixtures - 0

Number of pieces of kit belonging to junior members picked up after matches - 2418

Number of words used in match reports - 3,986,564

Number of words of 3 or more syllables used in match reports - 3,986,562

Number of references to obscure cultural figures and irrelevant historical characters in match reports - 3,986,564

Amount of useful information in match reports - 0

Number of text messages made on Friday evenings to find 11th player - 3,986,564

Number of times FB thought on the trudge back to the pavilion having missed a straight one 'Sod this for a game of soldiers - this is the last season.' - NONE

All in all a most successful and enjoyable season. Many thanks to all team mates and opponents for putting up with FB.  The bad news for you all is that he is already looking forward to next year.  He thinks that there is another season in him.  Such is the power of empire biscuits.

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