Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Vanity Publishing

In tribute to the passing of the old year, but mostly out of Fantasy Bob's extreme vanity, here are FB's XI favourite Witterings from 2012.  (Not in batting order)

Cooks Numbers  - the arithmetical significance of Alistair Cook's stellar performances as England captain

Pippas Cricket Tea - some important advice on crucial entertaining

Dookers - FB gets in some bother in the swimming pool

Glenrothes - FB has navigation difficulties

The Primacy of Amla - more on numbers - this time it's Hashim Amla

Salmon Fishing in the Grange - the implications of all the rain in 2012 for cricket grounds

The Hunting of the Snark - a poem in honour of Lewis Carroll and spin bowling

The Velodrome - FB and Chris Hoy go head to head in fitness test

The Carlton Tango - a welcome to Toby Bailey, Carlton's new coach

Leveson - FB finds himself mentioned in the Leveson inquiry - a pathetic attempt at satire

Temptation - FB manages to resist, but only just

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