Saturday, 19 January 2013

Outsourcing scandal

Executive authorities at go ahead Edinburgh cricket club Carlton reacted swiftly to rumours that the man called Bob who has been the subject of world wide media interest following the discovery that he had covertly outsourced his own job, could be Fantasy Bob.

The man called Bob was seen sitting doing nothing all day while the tasks he had been assigned by his company were being undertaken elsewhere. A spokesperson for Carlton said

'At first we thought this sounded just like Fantasy Bob, who consistently outsources his fielding tasks to some junior member who can actually run to the boundary without pausing for a rest on the way. The bit about sitting doing nothing all day is also an uncannily accurate description of Fantasy Bob. For a moment we were worried we had a scandal on our hands. Then we read that the man called Bob is also described as the company's top performer. Since performance and Fantasy Bob do not go together, we were more than relieved to conclude that this story was not about Fantasy Bob.

'Carlton is confident that FB will continue his outsourcing activities in the coming season. Whether he will perform to any standard is another matter. '

Carlton's celebrated jumior programme
includes coaching on how to secure lucrative outsourcing deals.

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  1. wow I did not know about that outsourcing scandal as you call it and I think it is a shame that in a beautiful sport like cricket things like that happens