Sunday, 27 January 2013


This weekend sees the running of the ski world's premier downhill race in Kitzbuhel, a subject FB has mentioned previously.

Fantasy Bob visited Kitzbuhel at New Year and had a closer look at the famous course, reckoned to be the most challenging on the circuit.  He still wakes in terror at the memory of parts of it.  But here is a photo of FB on the very bottom section of the course.

And here is a picture of the great Didier Cuche, who won the race for a record 5th time last year, in more or less the same spot on the course.

It is uncanny. FB's worldwide handful of readers will be unable to spot any difference between the two.

Other than the fact that Cuche is going at over 100kmph and FB is stationary...............

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  1. In this age of virtual reality, I am disappointed that FB cannot come up with a better representation of his amazing and record-breaking 2013 Hahnenkamm run. Maybe next year?