Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Strictly West Indies

Fantasy Bob shares the general happiness at the victory on Sunday of the West Indies in the final of Strictly Come Dancing.

They commanded the dance floor in a way that has not been seen for 30 years since the original Gangnam Style days of Richards and Lloyd.  It was a fine team effort but inevitably one dancer stood out.

Prima ballerina Chris Gayle astounded audiences throughout the competition with his wide range of new steps (the Luke Wright  Cha-Cha proved an instant hit with fans) and reinterpretations of old steps (in particular the 'go fetch that from the stands' polka proved as popular as ever). Gayle had been reintegrated into the corps de ballet for the competition following many years of dancing to his own tunes.

While Gayle remains one of the superstars of world dance, the contribution of  choreographer Darren Sammy to the success should not be overlooked.  No praise is too high.  His achievement is on a par with those of Balanchine, Fosse or Tharp.

Gayle leads the corps de ballet in a SuperEightsome Reel - Gangnam Style

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