Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Chiefs at go-ahead Edinburgh cricket club Carlton have been working hard for many months on a new marketing campaign to rebrand the club as a go-ahead Edinburgh cricket club.

However Fantasy Bob understands that there is now uncertainty in the club's next moves following the unveiling last week of the proposed new slogan for the club.

A prestigious marketing agency having consumed £30,000 proposed the slogan IncrediCarlton. 

Leading figures in the club made their views plain.  'Appalling.'  'Rubbish.' 'Sounds like something Fantasy Bob made up.'

The club may well abandon the rebranding and content itself with its current presentation as go-ahead Edinburgh cricket club.........................except that was really something that Fantasy Bob made up.

At the same time, Fantasy Bob also presented his proposal for a new slogan for the City to councillors - Go-aheadinburgh

Tricky stuff this marketing.

Incrediburgh? Painthetownredinburgh ? Wellfedinburgh ?
= Braindeadinburgh


  1. How about RitzCarlton? Or did someone think of that already?

    1. A sizeable fee could be yours for the asking...........