Thursday, 18 October 2012

Royal Letters

The Duke of Rothesay
finishing off another letter to Carlton
The Attorney General has blocked the release of private letters sent by the Duke of Rothesay to go-ahead Edinburgh cricket club Carlton over a number of years. The UK’s senior law officer overturned a previous Court ruling to allow release of the letters under the Freedom of Information legislation saying that the letters formed part of the prince's preparations for kingship.

The Attorney General said that the 27 letters addressed to key personnel at the club including  the ever popular skipper Fraggle Watts, the  Doughty Groundsman and Fantasy Bob are particularly frank and if published would potentially have undermined the Duke's future role. He said it was vital that the Prince Charles maintained political neutrality, a cornerstone of the UK’s constitutional framework. Any suggestion the Duke of Rothesay was disagreeing with the Carlton skipper would be seriously damaging to his future role as  monarch.

Republican cricketers reacted angrily to the news accusing the heir to the throne of meddling behind the scenes at Grange Loan. In a statement they said, ‘Cricketers must have the right to know if the future King has advocated to Carlton the compulsory consumption of Empire Biscuits.  He needs to be made aware that  there is no empire left.’

A spokesperson for the go-ahead Edinburgh club acknowledged the Attorney General’s decision saying, ‘We are grateful for the close interest in Carlton’s affairs taken by The Duke of Rothesay. We have assured him that none of our cricketers is genetically modified. But we are still waiting for the free samples of Duchy Biscuits that he promised some time ago.’

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  1. This news will be of interest to genetically modified couch potatoes the world over.