Monday, 25 January 2016

Robert Burns' Rant On the ICC

Here is further proof of Fantasy Bob's contention that Scotland's bard is a true cricket lover.  Sic a parcel o' rogues is generally held to be an invective against the machinations behind the Act of Union between  Scotland and England.  But this earlier draft seems to suggest that Burns had seen the excellent Death of A Gentleman and taken its message to heart

Oor cricket is a cantie game
That’s played the warld o’er
Wi' honesty its middle name
An' lo'ed by rich and poor
Ye’d jalouse this game is o’er-seen
By council weel electit
But fegs, there's just the gang o' three
Sic a parcel o' rogues running cricket

The Test match was the skyrit jewel
Thy grandeur’s been dilutit
By coontless twenty over duels
True cricket is pollutit
A twa Test series' meagre meal
For ODIs restrictit
Bought and sold for T20 gold
Sic a parcel o' rogues running cricket

Associates graced the warld cup
And had the michty crying
It drove them on, it fired them up
The dream of qualifying
They won't be there next time around
The minnows are neglectit
A selfish pact has slammed the door
Sic a parcel o' rogues running cricket

Olympic Games could spread the sport
To a' the warld's nations
The powers-that-be maun gie support?
But spurned the invitation
Maun we thole sic arrant failure
Wi' IPL gold complicit?
England India Australia
Sic a parcel o' rogues ruining cricket

For those who find Scots words as hard to read as leg spin bowling:

Cantie - cheerful
Lo'ed - loved
Jalouse - suspect, think
Fegs - by faith
Sic - such
Skyrit - shining, bright
Maun - must
Thole - tolerate

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