Thursday, 24 July 2014

Scottie Dugs

Fans hoping to see this at GL this weekend are likely to be disappointed.

The executive authorities at go-ahead Edinburgh cricket club Carlton have issued the following advice to teams visiting the club's prestigious Grange Loan HQ:

'Visiting clubs should bring their own Scottie Dug. 

'Carlton's reserve supplies of this popular mascot have dried up following recent tragic events at Celtic Park.  Present CricketScotland restrictions mean that they have been unable to register alternative supplies in time for forthcoming matches.

'Carlton would also like to remind visiting clubs that dressing junior members up and pretending that they are Scottie Dugs, or even Tea Cakes, is not an acceptable substitute.

'Carlton apologises for the inconvenience and distress caused by these unfortunate developments.'

The club later confirmed that there is no imminent threat to the supply of empire biscuits at Grange Loan.


  1. Carlton could certainly start a trend here. Every batsman could be preceded to the wicket by a Scottie dog emblazoned with the batsman's name and led by a Krankies lookalike. And all this to Rod Stewart;s rendition of Don't Stop Me Now - it has to be a winner.

  2. What has the crowd done to have Rod Stewart inflicted on them?