Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Wintry Weather

The cold snap that has brought snow to all cricket grounds across the British Isles may cause the majority of doughty groundsmen to retire to the tractor shed with a flask of hot tea and a copy of Grass Cutter's Monthly.

But at go ahead Edinburgh cricket club Carlton, things are different.

A new addition to the equipment means that the doughtiest of doughty groundsmen can continue his preparation of the wicket for the season's first match which is now only weeks away.

Carlton's doughty Groundsman at the wheel of the heavy piste basher

Carlton's planning committee have also announced that they will proceed with their long discussed plans to erect a ski lift on Grange Loan's legendary hill.

A spokesperson for the go ahead club said, 'The planning committee previously thought such an installation would be of limited use during the summer, but having seen how Fantasy Bob struggled to get up the hill last year, we are now sure that this is a wise investment.'

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