Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Harlem Shake

Fantasy Bob has read that 4000 videos of the Harlem Shake are being uploaded every day.

FB will gloss over any attempt to answer the question why.  Younger members of his worldwide readership will understand that this question is, like, irrelevant.  Like, you might as well ask 'Why the sky?'  Some things are like just meant to be.  Like whatever.

It is a meme.  And if you have to ask what a meme is...  Then.  Like.  Whatever.

The 30 second videos all take the same form.  A lone dancer person starts moving sometimes in time to the soundtrack song, sometimes in what appears to be nothing other than a weird parody of Fantasy Bob's bowling action.  People all around ignore this poor soul.  Then halfway through they all join in but dressed in strange costumes.  As said above, if you have to ask why, then, like, whatever.

But go ahead Edinburgh cricket club is nothing if not down with the kids - indeed many evenings during the season it is covered with them.  And their I-Pods.

So a version of the Harlem Shake at the world famous Grange Loan headquarters is in order.

The planning committee sprang into action.

Here is a still from the first part of the video.  The world famous doughty groundsman strutting his stuff.  Inspiring.

The Harlem Shake

In fact so inspired was the planning committee at getting this far that they forgot about the next bit and failed to get the squad in fancy dress (also known as T20 kit) to fill in on the second part of the video.

Maybe next time............................whatever.

(For the real thing - here is a link to the Norwegian Army's version).


  1. Don't worry. The Planning Committee will be forced to gather a squad when the annual call for help in pulling the light roller goes out (probably in the next week depending on the weather).

    Th DG tells me he is not bothered whether or not they appear in fancy dress - just as long as they appear.

  2. sigh.....I had completely managed to avoid/understand this until now...

    The goat thing, however, now that's real class..... Queen of the night as never before!