Sunday, 17 February 2013

These are my mountains

Scotland's mountains can be deadly
Following the recent series of tragic deaths in Scotland's mountains, there have been calls in the media that access to the hills should be restricted.

Ever vigilant to the need for public safety, the executive authorities at go ahead Edinburgh cricket club Carlton have issued the following statement

'The hill in Carlton's outfield is one of the jewels of Scotland's mountaineering heritage.  We do not think access should be restricted.  We want people to enjoy this wonder of nature, but we take safety extremely seriously. It is a miracle that that we have had no fatal tragedies on the slope, particularly when Fantasy Bob is at third man. Last season there was a scare when he disappeared completely from view and had to be rescued by a junior who led him down to safety.

The hill looks benign in sunshine
but it can turn
to a hostile environment in seconds
'We therefore urge climbers setting out to conquer the hill to bear in mind that it is a dangerous and hostile environment.  Conditions can change very quickly on the ascent.

'Climbers should be properly prepared and equipped  Sat nav and mobile phone are no substitutes for a map and compass, and a watch whistle and a torch are essential.  An ice axe is desirable at most times of year. FB recommends an extra empire biscuit in case the mist comes down.

'Climbers should always tell someone that they are going on the hill - preferably the wicket keeper - they should advise of the planned route to the top and the estimated time of return.  They should not venture on the hill alone.

'It is no disgrace to turn back if they are unsure they can reach the top.

'Carlton wishes all climbers to be safe rather than sorry.'

The search for FB on Carlton's hostile hill

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