Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Following its dramatic downgrading of its rating of the UK economy last week, ratings agency Moodys today issued their latest assessment.

In a statement the respected agency said,

'We have observed that go ahead Edinburgh cricket club Carlton held its first indoor net practice last night.  We have examined the data available from that session and are pleased to confirm that our rating of Fantasy Bob remains AAA.

'He is abject at batting, awful at bowling, and absolutely lamentable at fielding.  The outlook for the coming season is therefore in line with previous expectations.'

Chancellor George Osborne responded to Moody's latest announcement by saying that Fantasy Bob's efforts on behalf of the UK empire biscuit sector had given an important fillip to a critically important part of the UK economy.

Mrs FB reported that following the training session Fantasy Bob was unable to move.  She said she noticed little difference from his usual condition.

Not a rating agency
Moodys Rating Agency bears no relation to Tom Moody, the former Australian cricketer who also holds the world record for throwing the haggis.  Tom Moody's assessment of Fantasy Bob is not known - easy to guess, but not known.


  1. While relieved that FB is not being placed on negative watch, I look forward to seeing some progress on the run deficit front as the new season gets underway. Austerity can only get him so far.

    1. Indeed - negative interest is the feeling most people have in relation to anything to do with FB