Monday, 18 May 2015

Everyday I have the blues

Fantasy Bob imagines that there are many fitting tributes to the lately deceased great blues guitarist BB King.  However he suspects that his will be the only tribute in the form of a match report for a lower league cricket match.

Only once before in the overlong and undistinguished history of this blog has FB made reference to one of his match reports which have blighted the Sunday mornings of many unsuspecting readers who have turned to the website of the go-ahead Edinburgh cricket club Carlton for information about how the clubs 4 teams have fared in their weekend fixtures.  Many have read the reports many times and still failed to establish any inkling of the outcome of the match.

So it is with some shame and trepidation that he provides this link to the report of the weekend' match between Carlton 4th XI and Broomhall 2nd XI.

Readers may beware if this doesn't give them the blues, nothing will.  And just in case they struggle, Carlton won despite FB's attempts at captaincy.

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