Friday, 7 February 2014

The Bridge

Fantasy Bob’s Saturday evenings will not be the same again. He will have to find something better to do following the final episode of The Bridge.

This distinctive series portrayed the relationship between 2 strong characters from neighbouring countries who find themselves having to work together to solve a series of horrific crimes. Could their different way of doing things get the results?
Inspector Flower was forensic in looking at every clue from every angle. He did everything by the book – but it had to be his book. Chief Investigator   Pietersen was intuitive and impulsive – he thought the rules were made to be broken.
How would they work together? Could they solve the mass murder of English batsmen in Jamaica. 
Running out of clues
For a while it looked good - the Jamaican slaughter was solved. A series of major Australian criminals were brought to justice. The pair lifted the ICC (International Crime Crackers) trophy. When they brought a team of slippery Indian wrong doers to book, they were number one in the ratings.

But it couldn’t last – the bodies began to build up – Strauss, Trott, Swann, Finn, Tremlett. Obvious clues were overlooked. The pair could not agree on their next step.  A mustachioed assassin could seem to strike with impunity.  They were on the back foot.  Or they front foot.  That was the problem - no one knew.   There seemed no end to the gloom. It began to look like one of those Scandic noir series.

The series ended with both detectives reassigned to lesser roles. The Bridge between them firmly closed. Fans of the series were outraged – they have called for an explanation, but the prospects of a further series seem gone forever.   Fans hope that they get something better than Midsomer Murders in its place.

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