Monday, 30 December 2013


Lothianburn Golf Club is no more. The Club which went out of business a few months ago and the course will no longer be open for play at the end of this year. Fantasy Bob mourns its passing.

For FB was a member of Lothianburn for 20 years or so until he and golf fell out of love. For many of those years FB would be seen trudging the course at the crack of dawn, typically zig-zagging from one side of the fairway to the other. The views across the City and the country side beyond in all directions were a treat. The putting surfaces were as good and in many cases better than those FB encountered in many more prestigious courses.  If nothing else the course was an invigorating walk with a few steep climbs.  FB therefore recalls the course with great affection.

One early morning as the sun warmed the yellow of the flowering broom that covered many areas of the course, FB came to the 15th tee. The 15th ran round the side of a hill with the out of bounds fence at the bottom on the right. The green was hidden and a marker post high on the hill indicated the line. A good drive on that line would generally see the ball tumble its way down the hill onto the green and offer an eagle chance against the par 4. Miss the line and the ball was in the broom at the top of the hill or would finish will short by the fence or in a well placed bunker to the right of the green. The morning in question FB managed a rare solid connection and his drive flew over the marker post. He walked over the hill confident that he would see his ball within eagle range of the hole. He was therefore disheartened to see the green empty, except for the Doughty Greenkeeper sweeping the dew from the grass. As FB strolled down the hill the Doughty Greenkeeper finished his tasks and mounted his buggy and came in FB's direction. FB bid him a bright good morning. The Doughty Greenkeeper looked at him askance and muttered, clearly less than impressed, 'There's a ba' in the hole.'

The only time FB has ever shot a hole in one - for ever a secret between him and the DG.

Lothianburn Golf Club - RIP.

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