Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Shirt Drama Crisis

Fans of go ahead Edinburgh cricket club Carlton hoping to replicate the legendary 'FB collar' with their team's new strip have been dealt a bitter blow with the news that image rights prevent the printing of FB or Fantasy Bob on their new shirts.

Among other legendary figures that fans will be unable to have on the shirts are Cantona, Beckham and Ronaldo.

A spokesman for the go ahead Edinburgh club said, 'We understand why fans are unhappy. Frankly we didn't think that Fantasy Bob had any image to have rights about, but we seem to be wrong. Apparently other clubs such as Manchester United are having a similar problem. Although why any Man U fan would want a Fantasy Bob shirt is beyond us.'

Carlton's new shirts are attractively decorated with the name of the club's new sponsor, legendary holiday giant Thomson.  And very fine they look too.  But the lawyers have stopped the world famous Fantasy Bob name from being attached.

Man United's new shirt in action
Headless player models
Carlton's new shirt

In the face of mounting fan disgruntlement,  the club are urgently considering whether they can bring out a limited edition of the club's shirt emblazoned with an empire biscuit.

A heritage item


  1. Despite FB's disappointment at this turn of events, it is encouraging to see global tour giant TUI taking such a material interest in his(go ahead)club. Does this mean he can expect free beach holidays in the Caribbean?

    1. FB understands that a clause in the sponsorship deal requires the club to ensure that there is no risk of FB cluttering up any beach in the Caribbean or elsewhere. They do not think their clientele is quite ready for FB's detailed descriptions of his many spells up the hill against the wind over cocktails.