Tuesday, 4 September 2012


An all American hero saves the world from Fantasy Bob

Hollywood stars and other celebrities alike joined the Twitter outburst stimulated by the veteran star who appeared to be rambling and incoherent in addressing an empty chair at length.

'How could they let it happen,' said actress Mia Farrow.  Critic Roger Ebert described it as 'Sad and pathetic.'

However a spokesperson for go ahead Edinburgh cricket club Carlton said, 'They should leave Fantasy Bob alone.  We don't know what the fuss is about.  This is just what he does.  After every match he rambles on and on.   If he's been given out LBW it could go on for hours.  Sometimes the chair is occupied but it empties pretty soon.  We are sure that this latest incident must have been stimulated by an adverse wide decision while the veteran was bowling.  But FB is completely harmless.'

Nevertheless there are concerns that imitators of Fantasy Bob are growing.  A would-be FB look-alike gatecrashed the recent US Republican Party convention in Tampa Florida and attempted an improvised tribute to the Carlton has-been.  Luckily Dirty Harry was on hand to restore order before he got on to describing his favourite empire biscuit.

Conference organisers everywhere are warned to protect themselves against this practice of FantasyBobbing by ensuring that no empty chairs are left lying about.

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